Why choose Canna-Fem Reversal Spray?

We have been fine tuning and testing our product for over a decade, there is no second guessing. Canna-Fem is consistent and our method works. Your success is our success.

Why would I want to make seeds instead of taking clones from a plant?

One of the main reasons some people will choose to take cuttings is that they can replicate their most vigorous, high yielding plants over and over again. One thing to keep in mind is that annual plants in nature do not live for more than one year, which will cause a decline in yield in every round of cuttings. Problems can also arise with fighting off environmental stresses, diseases and insects, as the genetics weaken season after season. Growing from seed also lessens your chances of inheriting any pests or diseases from a cutting. Plants grown from seed produce a tap root, cloned plants simply cannot-they produce a fibrous root system only. The tap root is a survival advantage in nature, as it is in any growing condition.

A tap root not only more firmly anchors the plant down for better support, it is capable of driving downward to great depths in search of water and nutrients; an immeasurable advantage when growing outdoor crops in hot and dry conditions. With that being said, it is also easier to transport seeds then a plant. If you find a plant that you would like to keep for the future, it is much easier to keep seeds of it then keeping the plant alive. Another great reason is that you are able to create your own genetics! seperate yourself from the world and have your very own unique strains!

If I use Canna-Fem Reversal Spray will I always get female seeds?

Yes, as you will not be using a male plant. The seeds will always be female.

I noticed dis-colouring in my leaves, what's going on?

The dis-colouring in leaves is normal after spraying Canna-Fem reversal spray. you may have noticed it more or less in some strains. Some strains will not dis-colour at all.

Can I germinate the freshly picked seeds?

We recommend letting it dry and cure for approximately 3-4 weeks for best germination rate.

How do I store my seeds?

Store seeds in tightly sealed glass containers. Keep seeds dry and cool. A temperature between 32°f and 41°f is ideal, so your refrigerator can be a good place to store seeds.

I got seeds from the branch I sprayed, is that normal?

Yes, it’s normal. When you stop spraying the branch(s) it will revert back to its female state. When it reverts back into its female state, it will start producing pistils. When the pistils get pollinated, it will produce seeds.